Thomas is one of the most gifted healers that we have ever met.  My husband had suffered from severe sciatic nerve pain for several years.   After the first acupuncture treatment that Thomas gave him,  his pain was gone and has not returned four years later.  Thomas has treated both of us for other issues over the past several years.  He shares his knowledge freely by educating us on acupressure points that can relieve headaches and other minor pains.  Thomas in very intuitive and gets to the root of emotional issues that may be causing physical pain.  We have recommended Thomas to many friends and all of them have experienced relief from various issues ranging from wrist pain to allergy relief to neck and back pain.  I highly recommend Thomas.  Thomas strives to make a profound difference in the way you feel on the very first visit.  He does not try to sell you a long term treatment plan and is very honest if he feels that he won’t be able to help you.   If you have pain or just feel out of balance,  call him, you will not be disappointed.  I’ve never before recommended a healthcare professional and done so with such confidence.” – Monica F. 

“I am so grateful that I found acupuncture as a way of addressing my chronic pain from an old back injury. I had tried a form of acupuncture along with some chiropractic treatment a few years ago but never got any solid long term relief. With the gentle urging from a good friend to try a more holistic approach to my issues I found Thomas at ECM and am finally experiencing relief from the daily chronic pain. Thomas is an excellent and experienced practitioner who listens to your whole history and then helps guide your body into healing itself.  I have found that acupuncture is a very valuable and complimentary form of medicine in my life. Centuries of tried and true Eastern medicine that focus not only on the body but the mind and spirit as well cannot be wrong!”  – Laurie Abraham, MCH Unit Assistant, Regional Health

Thomas is such a gifted healer. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable, and relaxed – which is especially important when getting needled!  He takes his time during the treatment to really understand what is going on in your body and how he can best help with that situation. He read just my pulse once without knowing much about me, and it was honestly astounding how much he understood about the conditions of my body, and how to help me. It’s so incredible! The treatments that I have had so far from Thomas leave me feeling renewed and so much more energetic and grounded (things that we have been working on). It’s really fantastic to not have to take a nap in the middle of the day from feeling so fatigued anymore!! I also love how much time and detail he puts into every treatment. Once he finishes placing needles, he will often do asian body work (I think Shiatsu), and sit with you for a while for the beginning of the treatment, and also add moxa treatment in if need be (which is also so wonderful and warming). Then, I am usually left to sort of go into a half sleep and sink into a relaxed state and try and remember to focus on my breath! Thomas always ends treatments with more body work – which is quite possibly the best thing ever, because it always helps me ground myself before I leave. I absolutely recommend going to see Thomas. He is such a lovely person in general which makes him as a practitioner absolutely superb! I think you would be missing out if you didn’t go see him. And, I also always get to pet and cuddle his dog Serena after my treatments, which is pretty much also the best thing ever!” – Molly B.

And this is one of my favorite testimonials, from an 8-year old patient that came in for neck pain and digestive upset, and responded extremely well to treatment:


AS Testimonial