Extraordinary Chinese Medicine

Extraordinary Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture clinic

Extraordinary Chinese Medicine is a body of writings and teachings dedicated to healing, transformation, and tapping into human potential.  The name derives from the Extraordinary Vessels, a set of acupuncture meridians that are said to be deep reservoirs within the human body that become active during times of transformation and change.  It is for this reason that the Extraordinary Vessels can be utilized during times of stress and trauma, as well as for affecting the deepest levels of the individual such as the reproductive system and the internal organ systems.  The Extraordinary Vessels are helpful for issues such as chronic pain, digestive issues, infertility, adjunct cancer therapy, emotional imbalances (such as depression and anxiety), post-operative recovery, insomnia, migraines, and endocrine disorders.  The Extraordinary Vessels are also a focus of Daoist meditation practices, and can be utilized to assist individuals in reaching their full potential, to evolve and grow through all of life’s lessons.

If you are interested in learning more about the ways in which acupuncture and the Extraordinary Vessels relate to the evolution of the human spirit, you can visit the “Articles” tab above to read acupuncture articles on these topics. These articles have been published in a number of journals in the field, and, while intended primarily for other practitioners,  may be of interest to anyone  interested in learning more about the relationship of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to cosmology and the evolution of consciousness.