The Dai Mai: Dynamic Structural Stability and Spherical Integration

In this article I examine some of the correspondences and associations of the dai mai, or Belt/Girdling Vessel, in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of the sphere of energetic function of this extraordinary vessel and its relation to the zangfu organs and primary channels in acupuncture theory and practice.
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This article first appeared in The American Acupuncturist. (2009). Volume 48, p.28-31.

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The Ying Qi Cycle and the Diurnal Evolutionary Unfoldment of the Extraordinary Vessels

This article follows the flow of the ying qi cycle to examine its relationship to the extraordinary vessels in acupuncture theory and practice.  This cycle reveals an underlying coherency of the extraordinary vessels and their relationship to the cycle of the evolution of consciousness, starting from the Source, breaking into yin and yang and from here creating the rest of manifestation.  In flowing through the primary channels and opening the extraordinary vessels in this order, the ying qi cycle allows one the opportunity to deepen their connection to the Source and achieve greater integration within self and with everything else manifest at the level of humanity.
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A version of this article first appeared in the California Journal of Oriental Medicine (CJOM).  (2009). Volume 20 (2), p. 23-24; 27.

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