Pairing the Extraordinary Vessels with the Primary Acupuncture Channels and Zangfu, Part 2

This article continues exploring a theoretical acupuncture model that pairs the extraordinary vessels with the primary acupuncture channels and zangfu in a one-to-one correspondence.  Specifically, this article examines the three pairs of primary acupuncture channels and zangfu that correspond to the second half of the horary clock (Bladder-Kidneys; Pericardium-San Jiao; Gall Bladder-Liver, corresponding to the time period from 3pm-3am) and their relationship to three of the extraordinary vessels: qiao mai, wei mai, and dai mai, respectively.  After examining the correspondences between these extraordinary channels and the primary acupuncture channels, the relationship of both acupuncture systems to the processes of the horizontal axis and transcendence is explored.
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First published in Chinese Medicine Times (2012), Volume 7 (1).

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